April 2020

Hello, my name is Layla and I am a Digital Creative.


I have been following the development of the

UIF- Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme ,and assisting businesses with this process to get relief for our local communities as quickly as possible.

I play a technical role in this process, by converting the excel sheet into the correctly formatted .csv file for the client. I have had success with a number of business' applications.

What is the UIF - Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme ?

It is a basic dividend provided by the Government to provide temporary relief to people contributing to the Unemployment Insurance Fund. They will stipulate how this has been allocated, this can be found on their online portal.

Please do the right when you receive your funds. You must understand that the government reserves to audit your bank account at any time to check that the funds were distributed accurately and fairly. Please read over MOA and Letter of Undertaking at the bottom of this page.


This is best to do early in the morning or after 5pm when there is not alot of traffic on the site. As you can imagine there is a lot of people accessing this portal.

visit: https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/

1. Register your business using your 8 digit UIF number with /

e.g 1234567/8

Complete business information:

  • Trading Name
  • Address
  • Bank Account Details

2. Log in using your "1234567/8" and password.

  • Navigate through Employer Info,
  • Digitally accept the MOA,
  • Digitally accept the Letter of Undertaking,
  • Upload PDF bank Statement (latest, certified)
  • Add Employee Details

This can be done in 2 ways, by uploading the bulk in the form of a .csv file with |pipe| deliminators.

Alternatively, you can add each employee one by one, into the digital form provided.

3. Track your claim

Login into https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/ using your "1234567/8" and password.

If you would like digital assistance

Send me 3 things; 2 completed excel sheets (below),

and your latest bank statement, no need for it to be verified.

I will respond with your log in details so that you can keep track of your claim.

Please read over the MOA and Letter of undertaking beforehand.

Wishing you positive outcomes and success.

7 Copy of Employers_Account_Information(1).xlsx

Employer Info

Excel Sheet with info requested to set up Business Profile

1 Copy of National_Disaster_Payment-Excel_Template(1).xlsx

Employee Info

Excel sheet with the info required to put in a UIF claim for employees


Letter of Undertaking

Agreements between you and the UIF, digitally accepted in online process.



Agreements between you and the UIF, digitally accepted in online process.