Throughout my schooling, I averaged above 80% for Mathematics and English First Language.

I have a logical way of thinking, and once I fully understand the concept I can apply it easily and creatively.

Grade 10

2006 - Woodridge College - Eastern Cape

Grade 10, I studied Information Technology within the IEB syllabus; it covered everything you needed to know about hardware components, software integration and then Java as a base software language.

Subjects: English, Afrikaans, Maths, Science, Accounting, Information Technology


2008 - Rhenish Girls High School - 1820 Stellenbosch

I changed to an OBE syllablus in grade 11, as I choose a new school for cultural reasons. This new school only offered CAT. In Matric, I studied Computer Applicated Technology (CAT) - I studied excel and data basing.

I studied Physical Science and Chemistry to Matric and passed with University exemption. Although Drama and Art were not my subjects, I took part in most of the extra mural activities that surrounded the Arts.

Science, Technology, Language & Culture, continue to be areas of interest to me


After working for a year in sales, I chose to study Copywriting at an Advertising College as I was interested in Creative Business Strategy as means of making a living.

I strongly support conservation, education, and local business development.



Sales & Marketing

Targeting the construction industry

I sold Contractor's All Risk policies and Construction / Retention Guarantees.


Technical Copywriter

Tailoring technical and user friendly wording for various Insurance Policies,

their websites and CRM systems.

Skin Creamery

Digital Marketing and Administration:

I handled eCommerce process from packing, courier liaison, website inventory, website copy, project manged photographers, Social Media Advertising Campaigns and full scale Customer Care through all ports of call.

Self Employed

Digital Creative

Print / Web Graphics, Website Design, eCommerce Set up & Management, Website Copy, SEO

Social Media Marketing, Document Set Ups, Any Digital Query

Digital Project Management between creatives.